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Professional aroma diffusers.

in T&At OLFACTORY MARKETING we know that each business and each aromatizing space has different characteristics, that is why we have a variety of professional aroma diffusers for sale.

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Aroma diffusers.

We act throughout Catalonia, adaptable to any need. From small spaces to large shopping centers, hotels, gyms, spas, etc. If you want to buy aroma diffusers online, contact us and request your budget without commitment.

Our line of commercial scent diffusers are flexible and can be used for spaces of any size, from a small room to an entire building. With state-of-the-art technology and low-maintenance features, this allows our customers the benefits of scenting their commercial spaces without having to worry about maintenance.

The industry is growing very fast. Scent marketing has become a proven and impactful way to connect with customers, differentiating yourself from the competition by evoking emotions.

Selection of scents

We have a wide selection of perfumes to surprise your customers. Fragrances that allow you to take advantage of your business. Smell of chocolate? To grass? to new? We've got them.


Tell us your story and what you want to convey when customers enter your establishment. Our perfumers will create the exclusive fragrance that will represent your brand. Your own olfactory logo.


Easy to use digital timer that allows settings to be adjusted on different days and times of the week.