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Our "Home Line"

Air Fresheners for your Home

This new service arose from the constant requests from customers who would like to take your aroma home.

We promote the launch of this new line of business that is very profitable from all points of view.

If you want to buy our products online, we have for sale air fresheners for your home, aromatic candles, aromatic mikados.


Our aroma diffusers can offer consumers who enter your business a unique shopping experience that unconsciously provides them with a certain well-being during the process.


Mikado Air Fresheners The Mikado system is an evaporative air freshener that stands out for its elegant design, which makes it just another decorative element. So these aroma sticks are the ideal choice for businesses that take care of their image, as well as for homes that are looking for a lasting scent.


We offer aromatic candles with different fragrances, personalized according to the company that requests them.


Diffusers, Mikados and scented candles with the fragrance of your choice.

It's not just about making your business smell good. Olfactory marketing is capable of generating sensations associated with an aroma. For example: the smell of a new car to convey cleanliness and modernity to a car rental company or the smell of coffee in service areas to encourage sales of the latter.

We have a wide selection of perfumes to surprise your customers. Fragrances that allow you to take advantage of your business. Smell of chocolate? To grass? to new? We've got them.

Tell us your story and what you want to convey when customers enter your establishment. Our perfumers will create the exclusive fragrance that will represent your brand. Your own olfactory logo.


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